Scott Klemke and his team specialize in personalized investment strategies focused on maximizing potential growth while minimizing downside risk.

We work with you to plan for a comfortable retirement, helping to create a tax-efficient income stream and implement a long-term investment strategy to suit your wealth management needs. We work alongside an internal team of specialists ensuring that we have the resources and expertise to help you maintain your lifestyle and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

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Meet our team

We are a committed team of investment professionals who understand that high net worth clients deserve a high level of service.

As an established Wealth Advisor and designated Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®), Scott Klemke brings many years of knowledge and experience as a financial guide, helping to navigate and establish personalized investment strategies for his clients.

Being raised in one of the largest family businesses in Alberta’s Oilsands has given Scott unique access and understanding of the Oil and Gas and Mining sectors within North America. The hard-working generations before him have helped him form a results-based strategy and strong foundation of core values built on integrity, attention to detail and determination.

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Sean Harding

Sean brings financial planning expertise to Scott Klemke’s team to provide financial counseling for individuals, their families, their business’ and their estate through major life transitions. As a 15-year veteran in the financial services industry he holds the Certified Financial Planner Designation, Financial Management Advisor designation and the Chartered Investment Manager designation and is also a candidate for the Trust and Estate Planning Designation with the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. As part of this planning process, we explore relevant financial, retirement, tax, will and estate strategies to identify specific gaps and opportunities to help you establish and achieve your goals.

Financial planning and advisory services are provided by Scotia Capital Inc.

Aleem Thaver

Aleem has extensive experience in estate, financial and tax-efficient strategies. Aleem has a distinctive talent for explaining detailed tax issues in clear, understandable terms. He also has a genuine enthusiasm for uncovering hidden tax benefits that provide real value to clients and their businesses.

As a Tax Manager in Edmonton for a large international accounting firm, he focused his efforts on Tax and Insurance Planning for Private Corporations and their Shareholders, Estate and Succession Planning and Corporate Reorganizations. Aleem attained his CA designation in 2009 after completing his Commerce degree at the University of Alberta with a focus on Accounting and Finance. Aleem has completed a number of specialized in-depth tax courses offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Aleem is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta, the Canadian Tax Foundation and the Advocis Financial Advisors Association of Canada.

Insurance services are provided by Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc.

Craig has been at Scotiabank for over 9 years and is currently Chief Investment Officer, Scotia Wealth Management and is responsible for managing all investment operations, including: (1) Global Portfolio Advisory Group, (2) Investment Solutions, (3) Centralized Investment Management, (4) Product Services Group, and (5) Trading Services Group. Previously, he was Co-Head of Global Equity Sales and Trading and was responsible for managing the Global Equity Sales and Trading department at Scotiabank overseeing a team of over 60 people in Canada, U.S., Europe, and Asia.

D-Nay joined Scotia Wealth Management in April 2002, the day after earning her Bachelor of Commerce degree (major in finance) in 2002. Additionally, D-Nay is a Certified Financial Planner and has earned her life insurance license designation. With over 10 years of experience in the insurance industry, D-Nay has a farming background and, as a result of having working through the farm succession process with her family, she brings a unique perspective to the challenging issue of business in transition.

Insurance services are provided by Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc.

As a client of Scott Klemke at ScotiaMcLeod, you can enjoy seamless access to the private banking services at a reduced fee. Working with our team of credit specialists, Louise will facilitate all your borrowing needs. This includes arranging favorable mortgages, term loans or lines of credit. Access to customized lending solutions that meet the demanding requirements of complex tax and asset structures. Whether those include personal and/or holding company borrowing arrangements, leveraging multiple asset classes or availing of loans in multiple currencies to ensure the preservation of foreign exchange strategies, Louise is able to deliver innovative borrowing solutions.

Private banking services are provided by The Bank of Nova Scotia.

Investment philosophy

Personalization is key. A custom-tailored portfolio should fit like a custom-tailored suit. Your portfolio should be built for your needs… whether it’s structuring things tax-efficiently, investing for that vacation property or planning for your children’s future.

We believe that dividends are the largest contributor to total returns over the long-term. Finding companies with a good dividend and, more importantly, a strong dividend growth strategy is an essential component of how we build portfolios.

Invest in businesses that have a strong competitive advantage at their core. “I try to buy businesses that are so wonderful an idiot can run them… Because sooner or later, one will” – Warren Buffett

Few investors are aware of the costs of their investments. Having a clear, transparent picture of the costs associated with your portfolio is essential to building a well-balanced portfolio that you feel confident in.

Many financial goals can be achieved through straight-forward strategies and investment solutions. At times complex strategies may be necessary but when in doubt, keep it simple.

While it may sound obvious, too many investors have felt the devastating financial and emotional consequences of a large decline in their portfolios. Having a well-diversified and well-executed financial strategy can help minimize your exposure to such losses.

Do you have a sound Financial Strategy in place? A comprehensive financial plan helps you know if you’re on the right path to meeting your lifestyle goals and keeps your portfolio focused on the end-goal.

Canada represents less than 3% of investing opportunities in the entire world… don’t forget about the remaining 97%!

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